konnect Issue-date: 31st Jan, 2019.

Report On Open Modelica Meet

Prof. Peter Fritzson, Research Director, Linköping University, Sweden had come to India to conduct the workshop along with hands on sessions on “OPENMODELICA” .

OpenModelica is a free and open source environment used for modeling, simulating, optimizing and analyzing complex dynamic systems. OpenModelica, includes the OpenModelica Compiler (OMC) of the Modelica language, a language aimed at intuitively modelling physical systems. This software is actively developed by Open Source Modelica Consortium, a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

Commercial Modelica Environments and Open source OpenModelica are extensively used in multi-domain industry for building digital twin of physical processes. Some of the industrial products use OpenModelica along with proprietary software in the fields of power plant optimization, automotive and water treatment. This program provides an opportunity to faculty, researchers, students and industry personnel to participate and cooperate around OpenModelica tools.

Following are the details of the workshop conducted :

  1. At BMS College of Engineering:

  2. Two day Workshop on “Advanced Multi Domain System Modelling Using OpenModelica (with hands on) ” organized by the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering & Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , on 26th, 27th November 2018, at B.M.S College of Engineering.

    It was conducted as part of professional body activity-International Society of Automation (ISA), B.M.S.C.E.

    In total 48 participants registered for this workshop.

    On the first day ,Prof. Peter Fritzson shared the Modelica Spoken tutorial contents with the particpants during this hands on session.

    Second day was with advanced exercises where professor touched upon different concepts of Modelica and its capabilities in integrating different platforms such as Python, Julia etc. to build integrated embedded systems. There were a team of volunteers from the industry- Modelicon Infotech to assist the particpants during hands on experiments while Prof. Peter Fritzson explained their working. There were few models developed by students and faculty of E&I Enng. and Electrical Engg. which were presented to Prof. Peter Fritzson for his inputs and suggestions.

    Some Snaps:

  3. At IISC, Bengaluru:

  4. ISA Bangalore Section and hosted by Indian Institute of Science form the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    ISAB - IISC event was conducted on 29th and 30th of November 2018.

    There were 53 registrations for day 1 and 45 registrations for day 2, including professionals from ABB, Altair India, BARC, Dymola, ELGI, Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics, GE, Itron, ModeliCon InfoTech, Modelon, Prajnatics AI Technologies, TCE, UTC.

    For the 29/11/2018 event, Dr Peter Fritzson gave tutorial on Modelica, Hands on was done done with the help of ModeliCon InfoTech and BMSCE.

    For 30/11/2018 event, Presenters from following organization presented their work/findings/application done with the help of Modelica.

    Altair India Private Limited
    BMSCE Bangalore
    IISc Bangalore
    IIT Bombay
    ModeliCon InfoTech LLP
    Modelon Engineering Private Limited
    SASTRA Deemed University

    Some Snaps:

  5. At ASIET College:

  6. Workshop on Developing digital twins in Modelica Environment was conducted on 3rd and 4th of December 2018 by ISA ASIET.

    Dr. Peter Fritzson who is a professor at Linkoping University Sweden and Director of Open Modelica consortium conducted most of the sessions. Engineers from C-DAC and Kalki Tech also joined to present their Modelica based researches in front of Prof. Fritzson. Prof. Fritzson also visited our labs and shown much interest in knowing about the various projects carried out at the college.

    Some Snaps: